Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Activiti JIRA moved to Atlassian Cloud

As you might have seen, Codehaus is shutting down. Since we heard about this we have been looking for the best alternative solution for the Activiti issues. Because we wanted to keep the existing issues as much as possible, an hosted JIRA solution made the most sense. Atlassian is offering a free hosted JIRA instance for open source projects and we are grateful that our application for an Activiti JIRA instance got approved.

Since export options are limited on Codehaus we are not able to migrate all data associated with each issue. For example, attachments and comments are not exported. If you could help us to add attachments and important comments back again that would be a great help.

You can find our new JIRA system on https://activiti.atlassian.net. You need to create a new account before you can access the Activiti JIRA. All issues should still have the same key so it should be easy to find your old issues again. Reporter information has been migrated to the new JIRA, but only as reference information and therefore it won't be coupled to your account by default.

Performing such a migration always means we lose some information and it's a painful process for every user involved. But sadly we didn't have much choice. I hope everyone will create a new user account and will help us to get important issues updated with the correct information as much as possible.