Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Activiti 5.x BPM Beginner's Guide book

I've been offered a copy of the new Activiti 5.x BPM Beginner's Guide book by Packt publishing and wanted to share my reading experiences with you.

First a little step back. It's great to see a second book about Activiti getting published. My Activiti in Action book has been out there for a couple of years, and I really appreciate the effort that Zakir and Irshad and Packt publishing put into this new Activiti book. This should improve the possibility for Activiti users and community members to learn about Activiti in an alternative way than our user guide and articles and presentations that are available on the Internet.

The book is really meant for users wanting to learn about Activiti without too much background knowledge about it. It takes readers by the hand and explains BPMN, the Activiti Engine and the other components of the Activiti project in simple steps with lots of screenshots and code examples to make it easy to understand. After reading the book you'll know about the major components of the Activiti project and the Designer and Modeler to create BPMN process definitions. It also gives an introduction how to integrate Activiti with for example the Liferay portal and the Karaf OSGi container. So it's a good read for people that want to learn Activiti from scratch.

I also have to share some remarks / thoughts I had while reading the book. I'd hoped the book would cover the most recent version of Activiti, but it's working with 5.13. Fair enough. The code examples look a bit messy, but that might be my opinion only. A last remark I have is that it doesn't go beyond the beginner's level, so you shouldn't expect in-depth discussions or going beyond the basics of Activiti.

In summary, I'm glad to see a second Activiti book getting published. It shows the global reach of the Activiti project and the large community it has. It's a good book to read for people that are eager to learn the first steps of using Activiti and understanding the basics.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Activiti 5.15.1 released

Today we released Activiti 5.15.1, which is a bug fix release for a MySQL upgrade issue described on the Activiti forum. In addition we refactored the Activiti version upgrade logic so that you can install Activiti 5.15.1 without problems on an Activiti 5.15 database (and earlier versions of course).

Thanks for testing Activiti 5.15 on the day it was released. Sorry for any inconvenience this caused.