Friday, March 21, 2014

Activiti 5.15 released

Today we released a new version of Activiti 5.15 packed with new functionality and features. And of course it also includes bug fixes. The highlights of this release are:

  • Multi tenancy support added to Activiti, including the Java and REST API.
  • Added new event support to listen for events in the Activiti Engine, like task deleted, variable updated, process engine created and many more.
  • Introduction of data object support (thanks to Lori Small and team)
  • Improved Spring support with great and easy to use annotations (thanks to Josh Long)
  • Improved OSGi support + added OSGi unit testing using Tinybundles
  • Various fixes and improvements
A note for MySQL users. For MySQL 5.6 we improved the time precision for create and update dates. For MySQL 5.5 and lower this is not supported so we provided an additional upgrade script for MySQL 5.5 and lower. When you let the Activiti Engine apply the upgrade (with databaseSchemaUpdate=true), the correct upgrade script will be applied automatically.

We'll do additional detailed blog posts in the coming weeks to explain new functionality and features in more detail. We hope you'll the new release.

The Activiti team