Friday, January 10, 2014

Activiti Designer 5.14.0 released

With a bit more delay than we desired, the Activiti Designer 5.14.0 version is released and available for use starting from today. This release contains 3 major features:

  1. Kepler and Juno support. We moved to Graphiti 0.10.1 and this means the supported Eclipse versions for the Activiti Designer plugin are now Juno and Kepler.
  2. A lot of bug fixes. It's been too long since we released the Designer 5.12.0, so this release includes a lot of bug fixes. Mostly the overall stability of the BPMN editor has improved. This version also includes improved BPMN visual support, with icon indicators for multi instance activities and dotted lines for boundary events that are non interrupting. 
  3. A new component is introduced with Kickstart. Kickstart includes a simplified process editor and a form editor. The simplified editor helps to create BPMN processes without needing to know all the BPMN specification details. A JSON format is created from the simplified editor and from there Kickstart can generate a BPMN 2.0 XML process definition. In addition, Kickstart includes a form editor that allows you to create task forms with a DnD editor. At this moment, Kickstart is mainly targeted for the Alfresco platform, but the foundation of the plugin is designed to be used for plain Activiti process design. So in a new release, plain Activiti support might also get included, let us know if you are interested in that.

An example of a process definition using the improved multi instance and boundary event visuals is shown in the following screenshot.
We'll post a separate blog about the Kickstart component details, but here are already a couple of screenshots.

As you can see the modeling elements are fully different from a typical BPMN editor. This process definition describes a hiring process and eventually translates to the following BPMN process definition.

And finally a screenshot of the form editor.

With a column based layout a number of field controls can be used to create a task form that is connected to a human step / user task.

We look forward to hear feedback from you about this release!

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