Sunday, July 3, 2011

Activiti Eclipse Designer 5.7.0 release

A new version of the Activiti Eclipse Designer has been released, it's version 5.7.0. This new version contains of course a number of bug fixes, but also some cool new edit features. You can now create new diagrams in just a couple of seconds by using the new "add element" functionality. In addition you can change the type of a task or gateway without the need of deleting and adding a new element.

Because it's difficult to talk about this new functionality using just text, I created a couple of video's. Besides the new functionality, the video's also show the basics of importing a diagram from the Activiti Modeler into the Activiti Designer and how to deploy a process from the Activiti Designer to the Activiti Engine.

Let's start with modeling a process with the Activiti Modeler and import it into the Activiti Designer.

Now let's design the same loan request process, but now solely using the Activiti Designer and the new quick edit capabilities.

In addition to the quick edit functionality, there's also a new capability of changing the type of a BPMN element. Let's see that in action.

And now deploy the loan request process from the Activiti Designer to the Activiti Engine using Activiti Probe.

Hope you will enjoy these new capabilities.