Monday, August 10, 2015

Activiti Designer 5.18.0 released

Today we released Activiti Designer 5.18.0. This release contains the following highlights:
  • Updates to BPMN palette with support for compensation and cancel events and transaction sub processes. We also added missing signal and message event elements.
  • The Activiti Designer now supports Eclipse Kepler and Luna. Let us know if you want us to support Eclipse Luna and Mars instead.
  • Better handling of pools and lanes and sub processes with move and resizing. Bendpoints are moved on resize and move of containers as well.
  • Messages and signals are now defined on process root level and can be selected for message and signal events.
  • Internationalisation support for element labels. You can define multiple languages in the Eclipse preferences and label fields will be made available for each language.
  • Lots of bug fixes.
This release has been long overdue and we'll make sure to keep updates coming on a lot faster schedule starting from this release. Help in raising bugs, thinking of feature requests and of course pull request are very welcome.