Thursday, November 5, 2015

Activiti 5.19.0 released

Today we have released Activiti 5.19.0! This release provides a new feature that prevents you from needing to redeploy a process definition when you only want to change a service task class name, or a task assignment etc. 

You can also expect a new beta release of Activiti 6 next week, which will bring us one step closer to a production ready release of version 6 of the Engine.

Activiti 5.19.0 has the following highlights.

  • We introduced a new service DynamicBpmnService that allows you to change a defined set of properties of a process definition without needing to redeploy
  • Improved support for the terminate end event. According to the BPMN spec a terminate end event should only terminate the current scope. So in case of a multi instance sub process, a terminate end event inside that multi instance sub process should only kill a single instance and the rest of the instances (of the multi instance) will continue. And in case a call activity kicks off a sub process, a terminate end event in the sub process will only kill the sub process instance, and the parent process will continue. We've added a new attribute on the terminate end event (activiti:terminateAll) that allows you to terminate all parent scopes if the value is set to true. By default only the current scope is killed.
  • ACT-4072 was fixed, a repeating timer (time cycle) now works according to the defined duration values.
  • Various bug fixes.
For more information you can read the release notesEnjoy the release.


  1. Your release note are not accessible in your Atlassian setup. We are redirected to a login page. Could you post it somewhere open ?

  2. Yes, the release notes are part of the Activiti 5.19.0 download. You can find it in the readme.html file in the root of the zip file.

  3. Tijs, why the version of jar is different from version of DB?
    For example, the activiti 5.19.0 has a version in ACT_GE_PROPERTY?

    1. Good point. First of all, you're right that it would have been better to keep it in sync. But the database version can differ from the Activiti release version. We're going to release a Activiti 5.19.1 version in a couple of weeks, will make sure that the db version is set to or then as well.

  4. Are you able to share which week will next beta version of 6.0 be available? ("You can also expect a new beta release of Activiti 6 next week")

    1. Yes we had a bit of delay in release Activiti 6. I expect we can finally release a new beta at the end of this week.

  5. Hi Tijs,

    could you please share the plan for the final release of activiti 6?