Friday, November 30, 2012

Activiti thanks Tom Baeyens

To put the message of this blog post right at ya, Tom has decided to step down as project lead of the Activiti project. He started the project back in March 2010 together with Joram Barrez at Alfresco and in (almost) three years we've seen it grow enormously, way more than we ever dreamed for. I believe it's fair to say Activiti is, and will remain, the #1 open source BPM and workflow engine in the Java landscape.

But where does this leave the Activiti project? Although we are sad to see Tom leave, this doesn't mean in any way that there will be a slowdown in the Activiti project. On the contrary, we'll release the 5.11 version next week (5 December) and we have a lot of nice features coming up for the 5.12 release. Alfresco will keep investing into Activiti as it always has. Our community and their contributions are now at a height that many other open source projects only hope to reach one day. The Alfresco workflow team will remain 200% focused on the Activiti project. Joram remains Activiti core developer and will be doing Activiti evangelism. Frederik (our new dad on the team) will also remain core developer and Tijs will take on the job as Activiti project lead (after doing a co-lead already for a couple of months).

But back to the reason of writing this blog post. Tom has been a big disruptor in the space of BPM engines. When he started the jBPM project on SourceForge in 2002, he had no idea what kind of impact this would be having. jBPM became a big success and when Tom joined Alfresco he repeated this success with the Activiti project. He was able to build a strong community with supporting companies like Camunda, SpringSource, MuleSoft and FuseSource and build a rock-solid BPMN engine.

And now the time has come for him to seek for new challenges. We want to thank Tom for everything he did for open source BPM and Activiti in particular. And we're really interested in the new challenges he'll be taken on. So Tom all the best and a big thank you for all your work for Activiti!

Tijs, Joram and Frederik